Saturday, August 13, 2011

Food Inc.

Beeps Pick: Food Inc.

Food, Inc. [Blu-ray]

Why I picked this film: I love a good documentary, and I know that Apes would be interested in it.  I'll let her talk about why she was interested in seeing this film.  I'm (Apes) a big supporter of buying locally - not because imports are bad, but because I like to support small business owners and people who live in my community - This goes for veggies at the farmers market (when I make it), local restaurants instead of huge chains, and beef from a local farmer. Plus I like knowing that my money is helping a family I know instead of making millionaires richer.

Beeps:  A solid documentary, the producers do a good job of getting their point across without showing you stomach turning images.  If you're expecting to see animal slaughterings, there's not really much of that.  A few scenes of prepping for slaughter, and a farmer taking care of a chicken in the background while another farmer talks about the issue.  After watching this, I am very happy to say that most of the beef we eat at home comes from a local farmer, and so I feel much more at ease.  It's easy to turn away from this documentary, I mean no one really wants someone to tell them that there is a problem with what they're eating.  So it's easy to just not bother with this film, and that would be a shame because there is some good information here, and it's presented quite well.  3 and a half stars!

Apes: Wow - Some of this I already knew - I won't call it revolutionary, mind blowing, or even a surprise; yet still some how I am shocked - I know I shouldn't be, but I am. Maybe I'm young and naive, or maybe I just want to believe the best in people. I can't believe the way food (both meat and veg) is grown, processed, packaged, sold, overseen, lobbied for, and protected in this country. Its just DISGUSTING and honestly sad. For a little over a year we've been buying our beef from a local farmer and picking it up at a local butcher - not because we were being "green" or "natural" but because it was cheaper and tastes AMAZING! Now all I can say is THANK GOD! The part that bothered me the most is a meat filler that is sold that they clean in AMMONIA to kill the E. COLI! - Granted e. coli is BAD - deadly even, but is ammonia really the BEST answer? GROSS!! I highly recommend this film not for its entertainment value, its high quality graphics, or amazing script, but because I do truly believe it is our duty to be informed and maybe for you (and maybe me) this is the first step! - I'm looking into some better options for foods for Beeps and I - Maybe you will too! I give it 4 stars for being well put together, informative, and having my new all time favorite farmer in it! (and maybe for making me a bit misty eyed at the end)

Overall we give this film 4 stars!

~Beeps and Apes

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