About Beeps

Hi Everybody!

I'm Beeps. I'm a late 20s accountant. I've gotten away from my love of movies as I've progressed through life. I'm hoping that by forcing myself to watch a movie a night for a whole year that I can get back to being a moviephile. I love the idea of this blog, even if no one reads this thing. If someone out there does stumble upon this, feel free to drop us a line, or even suggest a movie for us to watch. I think that would be really awesome.

My favorite movie genres are Comedy and Horror. Apes doesn't care for horror, which pretty much means that I really only like Comedy. Although if I'm fortunate enough to be home alone, I'll occasionally pop in a horror movie. If I had to pick a least favorite genre it would probably be Musical, although there are certainly some fine movies in that category as well.