Monday, April 25, 2011

My Neighbor Totoro

Apes Pick: My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro

Why I picked this film: Apes = Anime Dork! Is that a good enough reason? I've said it before thanks to Beeps I'm a huge anime dork and Studio Ghibli mark. So its now my mission to see all the films! Which means I'll be reviewing them all here! Plus it came back to the library so I checked it out! (Support your local library yo!)

Beeps:  This movie gets a free pass in my book.  I'll explain more later, but as Apes mentioned above, I have sparked her interest in anime and more specifically the films of Studio Ghibli.  If you've seen any of Miyazaki's other films you know that they typically involve a character who starts off a bit of a brat, and then matures over the course of the film.  This is somewhat true for this film, although in a completely different way.  On to that free pass.  My Neighbor Totoro has no real action to speak of, I mean theoretically it should be an extremely boring film.  Yet, there's an incomprehensible cuteness about the characters that make it too endearing to not like.  This movie would make an excellent choice for anyone interested in getting started with anime, or someone who wants a family friendly animated movie to enjoy.  Be advised there is a scene in which the 2 girls take a bath with their father, which seems odd in our culture, but is normal in Japanese culture.  This is the only scene that would be even remotely objectionable, and I really don't see it as a big deal.  Just mentioning it in case you decide to show it to your kids, or your neighbor's kids.  4 Stars!

Apes: This movie gives me such a sweet, cuddly, warm, and fuzzy feel just thinking about it! Theres not a lot of dialog, no action, nothing crazy, but I honestly feel like I could watch this movie OVER AND OVER! Its just a peaceful film and such an adventure into child like imagination! I almost want to have kids just so I can share this with them ALMOST! The animation as always is great, the story is cotton candy sweet, and I'm now some how in love with Totoro! Its simple, peaceful, and wonderful! Check it out! I give it 4 1/2 stars for the emotion it makes you feel while watching it and the way saying Totoro will now and forever make me smile!

Overall we give this film 4 1/2 Stars

~Beeps and Apes

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