Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Young Sherlock Holmes

Beeps Pick: Young Sherlock Holmes

Why we picked this film: We are cleaning out our DVD collection to make space for the TON of Blu-rays Beeps is getting for Christmas (or that we got on great sales earlier this year). As a part of that any DVDs that we have wanted to watch, but don't really want to keep forever we are watching and then selling or trading in on Amazon.

Beeps:  I can't remember where or when I first saw this flick, it was somewhere in my early to mid teens and I think it was network television.  That would have made this an already somewhat dated picture as it was originally released in 1985.  The production company is quick to put Steven Spielberg presents on the outside of the clamshell and that is probably all he had to do with this film.  It's certainly not a masterpiece, but has a decent story, albeit somewhat predictable and full of movie cliches.  I couldn't help but draw parallels between this and Harry Potter films, so I was not surprised to see this was written by Chris Columbus, who would later go on to direct the first 2 Potter films.  The movie is an interesting blend of two worlds, combining Egypt and Victorian England, this oddly works for me, though it is thoroughly unbelievable.  Apes and I debated whether or not the film was geared towards kids, and we never really came up with an answer.  Some scenes, I'd be wary of showing a 10 year old, while I feel anyone older than that would be able to see through the story and pick apart the movie.  All of the negative feelings about the story being predictable and full of movie cliches can't fully crush the spirit of this thing though, as it does endear itself to your heart.  2 and a Half Stars!

Apes: I like Sherlock Holmes well enough, and I liked the idea of seeing some of the back story. I went into this knowing full well this movie was made in the mid 80's and not to expect too much in the way of amazing special effects, but I've got to say they weren't nearly as bad as I had imagined. The story while cute was predictable. I normally avoid mysteries because I always figure them out before the end, and it was no different with this one. I knew who was guilty, who would die, and how things would pan out well before they happened in the movie. That being said it is a cute kids movie for kids over 10 who love Sherlock Holmes or vintage clothes and pipes. There is a bit of scary hallucinations in the middle so if your kid is prone to nightmares... avoid this movie, but as an adult (who is prone to nightmares :P ) I was fine with this flick and give it 3 stars for being cute, well written, and interesting. It kept my attention the whole film which can be rare these days.

Overall we give this film 3 Stars!

~Beeps and Apes

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