Monday, January 9, 2012

American Psycho

Beeps Pick: American Psycho

Why we picked this film: We each randomly picked a blu ray from the GIANT Christmas stack. This is beeps pick.

Beeps:  I like this movie.  I glanced over at Apes a few times during it and I'm very sure that this is going to be something that we don't see eye to eye on.  Now what do I like about this movie?  I like the fact that we watch someone's sanity start to slip.  In the opening scene we're left with a perfectly normal yuppie man who goes about his daily business, and slowly we see him break psychotically.  What seems to drive him is a need to be recognized, to be known, and I imagine that when you're in such a cutthroat environment it would be difficult to be recognized as "the guy."  What I find intriguing about how the movie begins to play out is that we see this pattern manifest itself over and over again.  Our main character struggles to find his identity, and his acquaintances also struggle to find his identity.  One of the other big draws for me is the ambiguity of the story itself, I don't want to spoil too much, but lets just say that the end of the movie is completely left open to interpretation.  I like a movie that has its subtleties, and I like monologues, therefore I like this film.  3 Stars!

Apes:  Why would anyone watch this movie - at least I have an excuse because it was forced upon me. I'd rather watch porn followed by a slasher film than watch this. This movie is LONG, SLOW, and BORING! It takes monologue to a whole new level. So the film goes a bit like this - I'm a rich snob, monologue, kill someone, rich, snob, monologue while killing someone, monologue.... I'm sure beeps will RAVE about the cinematography, but a shit movie with a shit script and mostly shit acting even with interesting cinematography is still shit! Save your self 2 hours and a headache by watching porn and slasher movies.... or heck just watch a snuff film. Unlike past movies that I didn't enjoy or even hated there where at least some redeeming features a funny moment, good acting, an interesting idea.... but this movie has none.... so I give it 0 Stars!

Overall we give this film 2 Stars!

~Beeps and Apes

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