Thursday, January 12, 2012


Apes Pick:X-Men [Blu-ray]

Why we picked this film: I like the X-men movies - or well I remember liking them so I figured it was time to watch them again! Plus I haven't seen First Class or Origins yet, so I figured this would give me a nice refresher course.

Beeps:  In a word?  Awesome.  It'd been a really long time since I watched this, and I'm happy to report that this film has lost absolutely nothing in the 10+ years since it's release.  I've seen a lot of X-Men movies throughout the years, and I kept getting scenes from other movies confused with what transpires during this film.  That being said, this is a great introduction to the series and is a must see for anyone who's a fan of action movies.  In today's environment, movie adaptations from comic books are a dime a dozen, and they are that way because movies like this one paved the way.  Fantastic film, I'm so glad it's in my Blu-Ray collection.  5 Stars!

Apes: Let me start by saying thank God the series doesn't end here. If I knew this was all there was to watch I would be disappointed and angry, but not because this movie lacked anything. Actually, just the opposite, because this movie had just about everything that I love and want in a movie, but mostly it left me wanting more. The characters are developed just enough in this movie, but I want more, and in the back of my head I get excited because I know there is more to come. The main characters rock my socks - except for Cyclops because he is just not manly enough for me; especially, when standing next to Wolverine. (Swoon) This hour and a half flies by super fast, full of action, with enough wit and humor to make it fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this flick and look forward to the rest of the series - 4 stars.

Overall we give this film 4 1/2 stars

~Beeps and Apes

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