Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bad Santa

Beeps Pick: Bad Santa

Why we picked this film:  It's Christmas time... The time of year for Christmas movies!  I hate Christmas movies, so I figured I'd go with this unconventional Christmas tale since Apes had never seen it.

Beeps:  I really enjoyed this flick.  I love the way that this movie is a complete and utter mockery of the holiday and everything that people find so wonderful about Christmas.  This is the tale of a mall santa and his elf who are a bit more than they appear to be.  Billy Bob Thornton absolutely kills as the santa who is drunk 95% of the time, rude to children, rude to parents, and is just awful in every single way.  There is something totally endearing about the spirit of the boy who idolizes Santa.  Even though the santa that he chooses to be completely smitten by is an utter assclown.  It totally makes me a bad person but I love this film!  4 Stars!

Apes: This movie crushed my spirit, killed my enthusiasm, and in all ways sucked the joy out of my evening. There were 2 or 3 mildly endearing moments and a chuckle or 2 throughout the movie, but other than that it was dry, dragging, and depressing. Maybe I'm just too much of an optimist, but just because your father was an ass hat doesn't give you the right to continue the family tradition. The story is meh and a bit predictable... how many cuss words and short jokes does one movie need? I'd never watch it again  and wouldn't recommend it to any one (except Hayner because I think he would like it - only because I hated it) I give it 1/2 star for the few chuckles and for Billy Bob's performance (but is playing a dirt bag really much of a stretch for him?)

Overall we give this film 2 1/2 Stars.

~Beeps and Apes

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