Sunday, December 11, 2011

Private Parts

Beeps Pick: Private Parts

Why we picked this film: I was in the mood for a comedy and quite frankly "vampired out" so I went for something I've been trying to get Apes to watch for ages.

Beeps:  Oh man, I haven't seen this film in ages.  Good stuff to be had right here.  I really enjoy this film, and it's not as dirty as you would believe, given the subject matter.  Anyway, it's basically a biographical account of the life of radio personality Howard Stern, up through 1985 or so.  I remember when the book for this came out, it got so much press as Stern proclaimed himself the King of All Media.  That title is a bit overreaching, but nonetheless the film is completely entertaining.  There isn't really a slow part, or even a plot really for the film.  I didn't feel like it followed your conventional film format.  It's almost as if the film says to you here's what I am, I'm telling you this story, so sit there and watch it.  It works, and it works well.  The film is funny and paced very well.  I certainly didn't look at my watch to see how much longer I had to go to get through it.    I don't consider myself a Howard Stern fan, I think he's an interesting person, but I haven't really followed him or his show, but I would love to see a sequel to this to bring us up to present day.  Long Live The King!!! 3 and 1/2 Stars!

Apes: Beeps has seriously been trying to get me to watch this one since we got married, and I had ABSOLUTELY no interest. I'm not sure why I refused this one so long; maybe I'm just a little young to remember the Stern Revolution or maybe I was put off by the stigma surrounding him. I've never listened to Howard Stern on the radio and still have no desire to, but I'm glad I watched the movie. The semi documentary feel was nice and the way it was mixed in with the movie and acting bits worked really well. I enjoyed learning more about the radio biz and about a very miss understood radio personality. For a movie titled Private Parts there really aren't many in the movie. A boob shot here and there and a lady swallows a 13 in kielbasi, but who doesn't want to see that ;). I found the movie funny, entertaining, and a tad enlightening (you know the kielbasi bit - just kidding). I'm glad I've seen it, but I won't seek it out again. I give it 2 1/2 stars for being interesting, moving at a good speed, clearing up my misconceptions, and being less dirty than I imagined it would be.

Overall we give this film 3 Stars

~Beeps and Apes

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