Friday, December 16, 2011

Serial Mom

Beeps Pick: Serial Mom

Why we picked this film: I was in the mood to laugh and remembered this being really funny.

Beeps:  "I Love this movie, you're gonna love this..." -Beeps (as I'm loading the DVD)...  "This movie sucks..." -Beeps (After watching it again).  I totally would have been cool shutting this off during the screening.  Odd, I remember it being so darkly funny the last time.  I guess movies that seem cool when your 12 lose their luster when your 30... Imagine that!  Anyway, the movie is a triple-U, Unfunny, Uninspired, and Unwatchable. 1 Star.

Apes: Wow oh wow! I haven't seen a movie this bad in ages! Beeps picked this because he wanted to laugh. I didn't laugh once, and he might have chuckled. The movie is definitely not for kids with random bouts of unnecessary profanity, porn, and gore. However, this movie isn't really for adults either. The story is sub par at best. A Leave it to Beaver Stepford Wives type mother who has a few screws loose goes nuts and kills people in weird ways. Ricki Lake is extra annoying, Shaggy is just like every other 80's movie stereotypical son is supposed to be, and the dad is well, awkward. I didn't feel anything for this movie other than boredom. Had this not been for posterity the blog I would have bitched until Beeps relented and turned this off. I give it 1 star for having a story idea that could have been interesting, but other than that it was lame, boring, and predictable!

Overall we give this film 1 star.

~Beeps and Apes

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