Monday, December 5, 2011

Interview with a Vampire

Beeps Pick: Interview With A Vampire

Why we picked this film: Apes wanted to watch Queen of the Damned so I figured it would be best if we watched this first. We've both seen this before, but its been AGES!

Beeps:  Oh Louie... Never at any time in my film watching life have I ever seen a main character that is such a tortured soul.  I enjoy the first hour or so of this film, Tom Cruise is effective as the maniacal Lestat, but once he exits from the story, the film begins to take a nose dive.  I find myself caring less about the characters as the movie progresses.  I mean if our tortured protagonist doesn't give a shit, then why should I?  I'd recommend this movie if you've never seen it, it is dark and brooding, and while it does show it's age, (the quality on this DVD is utter shit) it is still a good film, once.  However after multiple viewings it just sputters out too hard at the end to be called a classic.  2 and 1/2 stars!

Apes: I still really enjoyed this movie. It is a bit dark and melodramatic, but it some how oddly works for this movie. I enjoy the character development, the anguish and emotion, and the overall feel of the film. I hope this cleans up a bit on Blu Ray because I found the picture quality on dvd less than awesome, but then again it does add to the whole feel of the flick. I think this is definitely worth a watch! Its not scary, its well written, well acted, and an enjoyable story! I give it 3 stars.

Overall we give this film 3 stars.

~Beeps and Apes


  1. I felt kind of the same way as Beeps on this one last time I saw it, which was maybe a few months ago. I read the book series and so I decided to return to the films, which actually irritated me since Lestat is practically nothing like the character in the books. (However Tom Cruise is still better than Stuart Townsend, imo)

    I really wish some amazing filmmaker would re-make this one and continue on through the series of books-to-films. It would be a dream come true. Anne Rice created a beautiful story and has, in the past, mused about what it would be like to see them as films, as well as who she could envision for the characters.

    I hope this happens some time in our lifetime.

  2. I found Lestat to be less than impressive in both movies. I am interested in reading the books, but even having not read the books I can tell they have a lot of potential and would love to see a remake... or a Scratch the old ones and do it right the second time make!