Sunday, July 25, 2010


Movie Night Out:  Inception


Why We Picked This Film:  To be honest the preview didn't look all that great, but the reviews have been nothing short of spectacular.  We felt almost compelled to see this movie.  Since we wanted to review something in theaters, we chose this film.

Beeps:  One of the reviews I read about this film indicated that it was spoiler proof, even if you knew how it ended that wouldn't be enough for you.  The movie is absolutely sublime, I can liken it to the first time I saw The Matrix.  The movie is that mind blowing.  I also feel that this is the most complex movie that I have ever seen,  it is a complete serpentine plot, and I was totally wrapped up in the middle.  The points brought forth in the film can also yield interesting discussion, and I feel like I will be discussing various points from it for weeks to come.  Upon walking out of the theater, my initial thought was 4 1/2 stars, however after digesting this delicious meal of a movie, I have no choice but to say.  5 stars.

Apes: This movie is like watching 3 decent short scripts and splicing them together in a method that is some how stunning, action packed, and beautiful. I'm not sure how any one could write this, much less explain it well enough to others to get a studio to pick it up. It is interesting, riveting, and thought provoking. I enjoyed this movie like a popcorn summer blockbuster, but also like a though provoking serious film. I'd describe this film as The Matrix meets Mission Impossible. Although honestly there is no way to compare this to another movie although I can compare it to a picture.

Enjoy the ride! Go see this film. I give it 5 stars.

Overall we give this movie 5 stars.

~Beeps and Apes

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