Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lewis Black: Stark Raving Black

Beep's Pick: Lewis Black: Stark Raving Black

Lewis Black: Stark Raving Black

Why I picked this film:  I've been a huge fan of Lewis Black for years, and I was really looking forward to something that wasn't a movie.  Not that I'm getting sick of movies, but it's nice to get something different.

Beeps:  Lewis Black... his tirades are legendary.  He's not what I would call a funny comic, but rather that rare breed of comic that makes you think, and then explodes with a witty commonsensical outburst.  This DVD had several hysterical moments, but also several points that dragged on for a bit too long.  This special was 80 minutes, and probably should have been trimmed to 60 minutes or less.  I've seen 2 of Lewis Black's other DVD's and this was the weakest of the 3.  Worthy of a watch if you're already a fan, if not, I would recommend Lewis Black: Red, White, and Screwed over this.  2.5 stars.

Apes: Lets start by saying I really enjoy Black's stand up comedy! However, this isn't a normal Lewis Black special. It seemed far more political and far less funny. His shows are always political but its always a funny political sort of view this time it was all about the economy and old age and it came across with very little humor. I really didn't enjoy it! I agree with Beeps if you're a fan watch the special. If you want to see Lewis Black for the first time watch something else! I give this 2 1/2 stars. 

Overall we give this film 2 1/2 stars.

~ Beeps and Apes

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