Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome To 2 Shoe's Movie Reviews

Our Goal: Our goal over the next 365 days is to watch a movie a day and review it here!

Who We Are:
Beeps: I'm a movie nut, plain and simple. I've always loved cinematic adventures, and the idea of watching one movie per day for an entire year sounds a little crazy even to me. Fortunately for my lovely wife, cinematic adventures aren't the only kind of adventures I like, and so I'm very excited about this journey on which we are embarking. I can't wait to sit through the good, the bad, and the ugly, (No, not the Eastwood flick).

Apes: I'm a mid 20 something teacher with loves movies! I also enjoy escaping reality through my mobile spa business, but nothing compares to just veging-out! I'm excited about this challenge because it will FORCE me to broaden my horizons when it comes to the films I select. I think this will prove to be a challenging adventure, but I'm excited!

How This Work: Our goal is a movie a day for 365 days! We will be rotating film picks to mix up the selection and to make sure that one of us doesn't always have to pick and that the other isn't always subjected to cinematic torture!

Our Rating System: We will be using a traditional 5 star rating system.  0 meaning avoid this movie at all costs and 5 meaning run don't walk to your nearest theater, Blockbuster, Red-box, Movie Gallery, Video News, or what ever rental place you have near you!

Suggestions: We're not sure that any one will ever read this blog, but if so we hope that you will make movie suggestions for us. Its always nice to get out side suggestions. (Yes, Brandon, we will watch Wristcutters: A Love Story)

~Beeps and Apes

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  1. I've seen Wristcutters. It was only okay. I liked it and am looking forward to your take on it.

    Maybe try a foreign film. I'm a fan of "Before Night Falls" and "Ma Vie En Rose". Netflix has them both if you're members. Each tackles some controversial issues and they do it beautifully. My opinion.

    I like the variety you're popping into your reviews and hope you get through your 365 goal. Can you repost your reviews via a feed through to FB? I think you could get more readers that way. I'll promote you on LJ, myspace, FB and wherever else I can think. Good luck!