Friday, July 23, 2010

Strange Days

Beeps Pick: Strange Days

Strange Days

Why I picked this film:  I chose this film because it came up in conversation a few days ago.  We were having some pillow talk about being able to re-live your memories.  I saw this once, a long time ago, and that's really the only thing I remember about this flick.  I'm looking forward to re-visiting this one.

Beeps:  This movie was written by James Cameron.  That's really all I need to say for you, the reader, to get an understanding of the social commentary that this film brings out.  It's truly a masterpiece of cinema that explores the depths of human depravity from multiple angles and sources.  What I love about this film is the idea of the drug of the future...  To be able to record your memories, to relive them with all the same feelings, to share them, or sell them.  The ability to pop in a disc of someone else's memories and get all the rush, adrenaline, feelings, thoughts, emotions associated with busting through a convenience store with a .357 magnum in hand.  Not your taste?  Maybe you'd like to experience having your way with a woman?  A man? 2 women?  It's funny though, this drug of the future, (although 1999 is no longer the future) and its trade, isn't even the central piece of the plot.  The movie truly is like a parfait... so many layers, and all of them delicious. 4 1/2 stars.

Apes: I'm not sure how to evaluate this film movie cinematic adventure train wreck social commentary video. It is interesting and thought provoking. I really enjoyed this flick. The story takes a while to get started, but like a good orgasm is worth the extra patience because as the story unfolds it is truly beautiful. I would compare watching this film to one of the acrobats on the huge silk ribbons the beginning is slow twisting and wrapping as they climb to the top. Then from the climax to the end everything unfolds, twirls, spins, dances, opens, and explodes in excitement as the acrobat skillfully unwraps. This film isn't like WATCHING the acrobat.... its like BEING the acrobat. I find it difficult to rate this film because I'm having difficulty separating myself from the film. The cinematography is well done and I would recommend this movie, but not the casual immature moviegoer. I'm going to go out on a limb and give this movie a perfect rating, 5 Stars, because to me this was a perfect film; I was involved, entwined, and left reeling.

Overall we give this movie 5 stars

~Beeps and Apes

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